What is going on with Orange County Choppers?

Orange County Choppers was initially established back in 1999 by a man named Paul Teutul, Sr. It is a place where people can go to get custom motorcycles created. The headquarters is in Newburgh, a section of Orange County, New York. Upon looking online, directories show that there is a Choppers establishment in Orange County, California, too. Whether they are on the east coast or the west coast, motorcycle enthusiasts will have the opportunity to check out these beautiful motorcycles and even have a custom one created specifically for themselves.

There is another establishment that is known as West Coast Choppers. It was initially established at some point in the 90s by Jesse James, a man who was originally trying to advertise merchandise, such as shirts and assorted stickers. However, the company eventually expanded and started producing custom motorcycles for those in and around Long Beach. Both companies have been featured on different reality television shows and have received a lot of attention because of their amazing work. Jesse James has since moved his business to the state of Texas.